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Why did you make that?


For the longest time I’ve had the idea of making a coat embellished with buildings and houses.  Sort of a play on a “house coat” although not one to be worn while cleaning the house!  So a few weeks ago I was between quilt projects and doing a little studio clean up when I came across a pattern for a jacket that I bought several years ago.

235129378This is the SOHO Coat pattern from The Sewing Workshop Collection which you’ll find here. Just three pieces it goes together fairly easy but it’s really oversized.  I made the small but if i use this pattern again I would definitely make the extra small.  It’s also unlined so I had to wing my way through creating the lining for it but since it was just three pieces it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and I’m pleased with my results.  I used a beautiful lightweight gray wool for the outside of the coat and it’s lined with a turquoise lining fabric.


I started the project by making a copy of the line drawing on the pattern envelope, enlarging it a bit and drawing in some of the details that I thought I wanted to include. Then I made the jacket shell without the sleeves and got my fabric all prepped with Mistyfuse.  Once that was all set, I made a full sized mock up of the jacket with paper so I could draw the images that I wanted to include on it full size to make sure the scale of everything worked.  You might notice that in the drawing I included a tree but I didn’t end up using that on the jacket.  Sometimes what looks like it will work on paper, doesn’t look quite right when it gets to fabric.

Once all that was done, it was time to start embellishing the coat.  I worked just like I would if I was creating an art quilt except that I was working on a single layer.

and the finished coat…

And so that brings me to the question I started this blog post off with – “why did you make that”.  It’s a question I’ve gotten a lot since I started posting on instagram and facebook about making the jacket.  And the answer is “just cause I wanted to!”  Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and make something just for the sake of making it.  Throughout the entire process I wasn’t concerned with any deadlines, or requirements or what show or exhibit I was going to enter it in.  I just made it because I wanted to and because I thought it would be fun to do – and I was right!

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