new beginnings

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and what my intent is for it now that I have decided change things up and stop publishing a newsletter. There was a time when I blogged regularly, at least once a week, but once social media (facebook and instagram) wordpress-265132_1920became a daily part of life my blog posts got fewer and farther between. Facebook and instagram is great for posting snippets of what’s going on in the studio but here on my blog I have the luxury of more space to get into more details. My intention going forward is to get back to blog posts that give you a more detailed view of what I am working on both my failures and successes. I’ll continue to use it as a place to give you my thoughts on subjects and challenges related to being an artist and maintaining a regular studio practice. Things like inspiration, design, photography, submitting to juried shows, publishing, teaching, time management, opportunities, supplies and resources and here and there I’ll continue to review books and tools. I will always welcome your feedback, dialogue and suggestions for topics so feel free to leave a comment or email me anytime.

Okay now that we have that out of the way here’s what’s happening in my studio right now….I recently finished these two quilts:

Why did I make two very similar quilts?  I made the one on the right with the intention of submitting it to layer one of the Power of Women exhibit but after I finished it a lovely couple reached out to me and purchased it.  So I made the one on the left to submit instead.  I changed it up a little bit – moved the colors around and changed the butterfly so that although they are similar each is an original.

Now I am working on a new piece in this black and white series.  I spent some time playing with some ideas in my sketchbook first:

and then created a full sized sketch:

The drawing on the left was my first one.  I liked it but it was bigger than I wanted to work and a little more complicated of a design.  I decided to simplify and redrew it eliminating the window and put the potted plants together.

The next step was to prepare my quilt sandwich (a layer of National NonWoven wool felt twowith muslin fused to one side and a layer of white fabric fused to the other).   I lightly penciled in where the door will be and then quilted the entire piece.   Why am I quilting it now instead of waiting until I get all the details on the quilt?  I find it easier to not have to quilt around things.  If I put the window and the door handle on then to quilt the door I would have to quilt around them which means a lot of starting and stopping.  Same for the background.  It’s easier and faster for me to quilt the background at this point rather than waiting and all that additional quilting adds stability to the finished piece.

Now that all the quilting is done I will start to add the detail images with my hand dyed black fabric that has been backed with Mistyfuse.   I’ll be working on that over the next several days as well as doing some research and writing for my next blog post that is tentatively titled from inspiration to reality – essential ingredients required for inspiration to take form.

9 thoughts on “new beginnings

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  2. I like to read blogs, rather than the quick other social media. They are good for sending folks to a blogs, I guess… I had all my social media updated recently, and after I did that I lost all my
    followers on my blog,, after years of posting and the back and forth.. So very frustrating starting from scratch. This summer we are going on a cross States trip, Calif. to New York etc.. and will be stopping at some quilt stores on the way.. should be fun and hope to gather some of my followers again. Love reading about what you are up to. Thanks for blogging again. Love your art.

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  3. Love those quilts … so fresh and quirky … I hope we will be able to view the Power of Women exhibit online eventually? from far away, Cape Town, South Africa

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