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looking back, moving forward

Last week was a pretty productive one for me. I started and finished (well except for


Cottage Door – 36″ x 47″

sewing on the hanging sleeve) the Cottage Door piece, photographed it and submitted it to a local call for art.  I declared my intentions for my blog and I wrote a blog post about the qualities that every artist needs for success. I worked my way through several of the video training lessons for the ON1 photo editing software that I recently bought (and recommend). I spent some time working on some ideas for my next quilt in my sketchbook. There were other things sprinkled in here and there as well but rather than bore you with the minutia of my every day life I’ll just move on to what’s on my list for this week…



I want to get started on the bicycle piece that I did some sketches of last week. I need to 25BCB350-0C6D-4574-A1B1-1BC67BB4ADC2do a little more sketching/brainstorming to figure out what direction I want to go in with this one and what size I want to work with.  At the very least I want to get the details worked out, the full sized drawing done and get the quilt base constructed and possibly quilted.

My supply of black fabric is running dangerously low so this morning I got up nice and early and by 7:30 a.m.  had 5 yards soaking in vats of black dye.

Sew the sleeve on the Cottage Door quilt.

I will continue to work my way through the ON1 video lessons.

I need to start doing some research for a piece that I have been invited to make for an exhibit that I am really thrilled to be a part of called Deeds Not Words: The Power of Persistence, Celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage that is being curated by Pam Weeks (curator of the New England Quilt Museum) and Sandra Sider. This exhibit will premier at the National Quilt Museum in 2020 and then travel for two years across the country at various museums and venues. My focus for the piece I will make will be on Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the role that she played so I have ordered a bunch of books from the library and will begin my research by doing a lot of reading and note taking about her life and contribution. I am excited about this exhibit and I’ll be sharing my process and progress as I work on my piece.



I want to get some thoughts and notes together and do a blog post about supplies, materials, organizations and other resources for artists.


And lastly this week, if I can fit it in I need to organize and catalog all of my full sized quilt drawings that I’ve done over the last 6 years. They are taking up too much space in the studio and need to be moved into storage but rather than just toss them into bins and then drive myself crazy when I want to go find one I am going to label and catalog them so I know what’s in each bin so that it’ll be easy to find the one I want if I need to.  These types of projects really make we wish I had a studio assistant!

 and now it’s time to get to work!

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