weekly roundup

looking back, moving forward

I got a lot done last week!

Wrote a blog post about artists sketchbooks and some different ways to use them.


For the artist who seeks to push beyond the level of where they are currently working and immerse themselves in an in-depth study of their studio practices and art making.

I started working on a new online class that I am really excited about called the Artist Studio Bootcamp.  I have a lot to do on this workshop and will be working on it over the next couple of months.  My target for the first session to go live is early October.   You can sign up to be notified when registration is open here.

I scheduled another session of my Artistic Development 101 online workshop.  It begins August 5th and you can learn more about it here.

I updated my art coaching option page on my website to make it easier to navigate and I am now offering discounts clients who wish to purchase more than one session at a time.

I updated my downloadable workshop brochure. If you belong to a guild I would love it if you would print a copy and share it with your guilds workshop coordinator.  I also redid my tri-fold brochure for the meet the teachers event at the New England Quilt Museum this fall.

collageI mentioned last week that I was considering making a piece to enter into Sacred Threads.  After more thought I decided not to.  The theme of the spiritual journey just doesn’t speak to me right now so I will forgo making a piece to enter.  Maybe next year.  I did spend some time with my sketchbook doodling and scribbling some ideas for a possible quilt for submission to QuiltCon but nothing seems to be coming together.  The doodle of the leaf seemed to come out of left field and I think it might have a some potential.  Honestly I think I have hit a bit of a slump.  The last few months have been very productive quilt making wise and I think my art brain is telling me I need to take a break.  So rather than force something to happen I am not going to worry about what quilt I will work on next, what it will be about or for.  For now I will be content to play with ideas in my sketchbook and just see what emerges.

So while I didn’t get much done with regards to beginning a new art quilt I did manage to accomplish quite a bit!

On my list of intentions for this week:

I am going to keep my to do list light this week because it’s one of those weeks filled with vet appointments, errands and other scheduled appointments that have to be kept.  But I will…

Spend time in my sketchbook – I’ve got a stack of old magazines piling up so maybe work on my collage sketchbook as well as my everyday drawing/sketching one.  I’d like to explore that leaf motif a little more and see if anything comes from it.

Work on the lessons for the Artist Studio Bootcamp online class.

Have a great week!

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