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If you have ever stood in the aisle at the paint store and wondered what all those acrylic mediums are for then you want, you need this book! Broken into 13 chapters beginning


Acrylic Painting Mediums and Methods: A Contemporary Guide to Materials, Techniques, and Applications by Rheni Tauchid

with acrylic medium basics their anatomy, additives and some terminology. Chapters 2 through 4 take you through the different categories of mediums (liquid, gel, self leveling, textured etc) an understanding tools and their effects and substrates. Chapters 5 through 8 core incorporating mediums into your work, using acrylic grounds (gesso, modeling pastes, dry media ground), creating surface textures and layering and combining mediums to create multilayered complex surfaces to augment your artwork. Chapters 9 and 10 take you beyond the basics (pouring mediums, using them as resists, extruding mediums, sculpting, stenciling etc), using mediums to extend color, control luster, change viscosity, creating washes and creating thick lustrous layers. Chapters 11 and 12 explore collage, decoupage and mixed media and how to avoid potential pitfalls when working with mediums. The book wraps up with a chapter on using finishing mediums.

Aside from being a wealth of information on acrylic paint mediums this hardcover book is filled with gorgeous photography. Step by step illustrations of the techniques are accompanied by beautiful clear photographs and easy to read and follow directions.

If you want to expand your knowledge of how to work with acrylic mediums then I highly recommend adding this book to your library.

There was a rumor floating around for a while that blogging was dead. That it had become irrelevant because everyone has turned to social media and newsletters as their way of sharing content. But I think for artists, blogging is the perfect platform for sharing


The Creative Blogging Cookbook: What You Need to Know to Grow Your Business Through Blogging – Ebook by Abby Glassenberg

your work, ideas because it gives you more space to share and illustrate whats going on in your studio. But it can get overwhelming pretty quickly, having to constantly come up with new content to keep your audience engaged. That’s where this new ebook from Abby Glassenberg can help.

Abby breaks down blogging beginning from starting a new blog all the way through to what to do if you get out of the habit of blogging once you start. She starts with the basics covering what a blog is and how to start one, making and following an editorial calendar, dealing with copycats, letting go of perfection and generating ideas for content. I found the section on creating evergreen posts, posts that are relevant no matter how much time passes, especially helpful.

The section on the basic components of a blog and blog posts gives you an outline to follow as you are writing your post which can be especially helpful if you are new to blogging or feel like your posts read a bit scattered or unorganized. Having trouble getting people to read your blog? Abby has some advice for you on that that includes 34 ways to drive traffic to your blog. You’ll also find information on making money with your blog and using analytics.

Abby has packed a ton of information into this 39 page e-book. Highly recommended!

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