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Looking back, moving forward

Well it felt like last week went by in a flash.  I did manage to get quite a bit done though…

I finished 4 new small pieces all made with color catcher sheets.


These were a lot of fun to make and I was very pleased with the way the color catcher sheets sewed and worked with Mistyfuse.  I still have a pretty big pile of them left so I suspect there are more color catcher sheet quilts in my future.

I finished and submitted the article that I was working on for Quilting Arts Magazine.  Glad to have that off my to do list and I managed to get it done a couple weeks head of the deadline.

Untitled 4 2I opened registration for the online Artist Studio Bootcamp class and self published the companion book for those who prefer a book to an online class.    The online class will of course come with the ability to post questions and interact with me and the other students and I am really looking forward to it starting.

The online class is here and you’ll find the companion book on amazon.com here.

artclass_mindmapI opened my Artistic Development 101 class up for open enrollment!  This means you can join the class anytime.  You will receive the first weeks lesson immediately after registering and then every 7 days a new lesson will automatically become available to you.  And of course since it is an online class it means you can post questions and photos and interact with me and other students.  You’ll find the class here.

On my list of intentions this week:

I really like the small quilt I did with the vase last week and I think I want to do a larger version with more vases and some other elements in it.  So I think I will work on creating a larger scale sketch of that idea.

A studio clean up is in order – my studio looks like a hurricane went through it!

Have a great week!

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