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looking back, moving forward

I didn’t get a chance to post my weekly update yesterday because I spent the day at the New England Quilt Museum at the Meet the Teachers event.  It’s really great event IMG_4704organized by Michelle Tade Banton  every year.  I haven’t done it a couple of years because I had cut back on my bookings but now that I am ready to start booking teaching engagements for 2019 and beyond I signed up to do it this year.   It’s opportunity for guild event coordinators to talk and meet with 24 teachers from New England all in one day and it draws quite a large crowd – I went with 100 brochures and came back with only 30!  Here’s a photo taken by my good friend Heidi Proffetty (who was also there to present as well) of the room as we were getting set up  That’s me sitting next to Timna Tarr (also there presenting) in front of the lion quilt. I really enjoyed talking with all the guild reps that stopped by my display table and I have my fingers crossed that I will hear from some of them.  In the meantime, if you are interested in having me teach at your guild or shop you will find some information on workshops I offer here on my website.

Last week I posted that I thought I would do a full sized quilt based on the smaller blue vase quilt that I made.  I still think that is a good idea but I decided to go back to a design that I had sketched out last year and work with that instead.   I did a second small sketch and then jumped in and did a full sized cartoon that will become the pattern guide for the actual quilt.

I am still on the fence about whether or not I want the locomotive or just a row of the rail cars.  We’ll see how it comes together once I start rendering the design in fabric.

And that leads me to what is on my list of intentions this week:

To work on this new quilt!

Have a great week!

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