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I haven’t had much time for writing blog posts lately because I’ve been keeping my focus on being in the studio creating new work.  The focus has paid off because since I posted about finishing my first quilt of 2019 back on February 2, I’ve managed to design and finish two more…


I am calling these Main Street 1 and 2 and I have a third one that I am going to start working on next.  I originally envisioned this as one big very wide quilt but decided that it might work just as nicely as a series of three instead.  Actually I am having so much fun with them I may not stop at three!  My goal for 2019 is to make at least 6 new pieces in the black and white series and I am halfway there so I am feeling good about how much progress I’ve made so far this year.   It’s all about staying focused. (I wrote a little bit about the importance of focus here)threads

While my primary focus this year has been on making new quilts I have been working on a couple of other projects that I am hoping to be able to give you more details about very soon.  I can tell you this though: one involves something totally different for me combined with this gorgeous palette of Perle Cotton from Global Artisans.   I am having a lot of fun with this project and will hopefully be able to let you in on the details in the next few weeks…



I’ve also added another local workshop to my 2019 roster of events.  I’ll be teaching a one day fabulously fused florals workshop at League of N.H. Craftsman in Nashua NH  Because of the size of the space I am limiting registration to just 8 students so call 603-595-8233 to reserve your seat as soon as possible.  I’m excited about this class and because it will be a small one that means each student will get even more individualized instruction that usual in the class.  I am supplying all the materials needed which means students get to work with my hand dyed cotton fabrics.   More information on the class here (scroll down a bit on the page to see the details.)

Happy Spring everyone!

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